En’Kara Fair

“The fair of En’Kara occurs in the spring. It is the first fair in the annual cycle of the Sardar Fairs, gigantic fairs which take place on the plains lying below the western slopes of the Sardar Mountains. These fairs, and others like them, play an important role in the Gorean culture and economy. They are an important clearing house for ideas and goods, among them female slaves.”

Players of Gor by John Norman

In all the time I have been in Gor, I’ve not yet been to one of the Sardar fairs, save once or twice to perform with Fires of Gor. This time, however, I really wanted to visit. Sais has a tent amongst all the other villages and cities, so I knew there would be a place for me to stop in and rest if needed.

The first two days, my Master took me with him. We mainly visited the village tent and spoke to a few people before time constraints made us return home.

Saturday I returned… right in time for the first of two slave auctions. Quite a few people were there to watch, and I would guess to bid. I’d asked Master if I could buy a slave, and his reply? “Make sure she’s a good one.”

En’Kara Fair slave auction

The first item up for bid was touted as normally a free woman, and half-kurii. No one was bidding for the longest time. Maybe they were afraid to try and tame her? Not me!

vala raises one arm, a dangle of beads spilling from her hand… “I have three silver bina, Master!”

Loxley: “Even better yet! Rose will dominate you if you like, told you she’s a beast! We know some of you are secretly submissive! Scarlet do we take bids from slaves?”

Ah, but then someone bid two silver for her, knocking me out of the game.

Next was a kajirus named Bosk…

Loxley: “Bosk is house broken, loves to give his owner a bath when not cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry! You might manage to hold onto him permanently.”

Bosk and Master Loxley, with a strategically-placed pole to hide another pole…

Master Loxley asked for a volunteer slave girl to come up and see how aroused she could get the kajirus… to test his endurance, of course. Nope, I thought to myself, that might not be something my Master would appreciate – although I did whistle for him, trying to give him some encouragement.

After another girl incited a bidding war (and was finally won with the price of fifty silver!) a thrall was brought to the block.

Loxley: “All right! next up! zed, another thrall, as usual we’ll open the bidding at a single copper, cheap sleen food!” Again, no one began to bid.

vala holds up the string of beads again – “I still have bina, Master!”

Loxley looks down to vala…”all right, we”ll start with this slave’s bid of bina!”

vala feels her mouth fall open, then a happy cheer rises from the slave.

Loxley: “Who’s going to bid more than bina for this beat up boy?”

Loxley: “Bina going once!”

Cyr Corvinus: “I bid three coppers!”

Loxley: “All right, 3 copper! finally, sorry about your bina bid girl!”

vala rattles the bina “It’s four silver and three copper, though!”

Sadly, I didn’t win him. Better luck next time, right?

Watching dancers with Master Praeses (The Greatest Poet of Gor) and his amazing girl Rhyme

As some of the ladies were beginning to comment on how I must think myself some sort of princess slave for daring to bid – even with bina! – I figured going to search out other entertainment might be a wise course of action. Down the street I found dancers, and was beckoned by Master Praeses to come kneel by his boot and watch.

I returned on Sunday, but that’s for another post!

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