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It’s Been A Long Time

SecondLife took a back seat to the upheavals of my FirstLife these past many months. I’m back in it more now, but…

Well, I just haven’t felt like dancing. Not “I haven’t been in the mood, but still do competitions and all”, but honestly my heart just hasn’t been in it. Like at all. It’s been difficult just to teach my classes and lead Dancer Dash – all of which have been put on hiatus for an indefinite period, though I’ll have to start them up again soon.

I’ve tried to dance. I’ve done a few shows with The Fires of Gor and one emote in Master Koardan and Snow’s offering in the Master Samos Madrigal Memorial Exhibition this past Saturday. But when I try to write a dance, I can’t think of anything, and then I find myself swimming in ennui. Nothing speaks to me. Nothing jumps out at me and says “write me!” or “Make me into a dance!” There might be a small spark every so often, but it soon flickers out into ash.

Other than that, I’ve been lurking around Berlin a bit more, happily watching the ongoing transformation of that amazing sim. I’ve been in Port Haifa in Gor, attending a couple of the classes and at this writing watching June create a dance for this weekend. And I’ve been wandering around other sims, checking out the beautiful builds in some, and wondering if others will ever let go of 2008.

And on September 3, I will have been in SecondLife for nine years. Wow.

It’s been one wild, interesting ride so far! Let’s keep going – whether I dance soon or not!

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Part of Mily’s Dance School Article!

Mily Sandalwood got the idea a few months back to write an article about the dance schools in SecondLife Gor. I loved it when I learned about it – it’s difficult to find lesser-known schools at times, and they have just as much to contribute to the dance world as the larger schools. Every school or class can teach someone something different, even if it’s “just” a different view of something. (I found a couple I would like to attend that I didn’t know about!) Snow Mistwood took some gorgeous photos to illustrate this article in the March 2015 issue of The Gorean Times. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, I highly suggest you do. Very interesting and informative!

Name of school: Dancer Dash

Owner of school: Juls (Julienn Sands)

How did the school get started and when?

In the early autumn of 2013, I had the idea to take a writing exercise I had been doing and focus it more on Gorean dance. I was living in Tarnsport at the time, and brought the idea up to Sage Betsen, who thought it was a great idea and helped get it started in Tarnsport on Monday, November 25, 2013.

Please tell us a bit about the school and its ethos about gorean dance.

A large part of a Gorean dance in Secondlife is writing – from jotting down a story you would like to tell, to parsing out emotes, to polishing those emotes. I don’t know of a single dancer who hasn’t struggled with writer’s block. (I am right now, in fact!) Dancer Dash is a tool to help break through that block, and to bring up new ideas, or a different angle on something you might have been working on but put away awhile ago. This isn’t just for kajiri, either, though most of those who come regularly to Dash are male or female slaves. We have had a number of Free Men and Free Women attend Dashes and participate.

As I explain when we have new people attend:

“Dash is really very simple – I give a prompt, usually a word, and when I give the signal and start the hourglass, we have fifteen minutes to write. Use the prompt and its definitions to spur your imagination! It can be emotes for a dance, a storyline, a list of ideas… anything. No grades, no “right or wrong”. Just write without feeling the need to be perfect!”

The words with which you illustrate your dance are vital, and hopefully Dancer Dash can provide everyone who attends a fertile patch in which to grow those words.


What courses do you run?

Dancer Dash is its own animal, the exercise in itself.

Who are your teachers?

Mainly myself, with Nym (Nymphie Silvershade) as a wonderful backup.

Who can people contact to get further info./ Where can they go to get further info

Hop in an IM with me and ask away!

Tissia (vinkaa Resident), owned by Master Storm (Stormpendragon Resident) of City of Vigo ((now in Port Haifa)) wrote the following about her experience of Dancer Dash:

I watched the notices for Dancer Dash go by my screen but for quite a while resisted attending. As a somewhat new dancer, I have often felt intimidated by the veterans and their talents. Like all new things, it is easy to feel somewhat of an outsider. After watching Juls dance in the DnD event, I was so enthralled by her way of crafting and phrasing words that I screwed up my courage and took the TP, and am I ever glad I did! Dancer Dash is truly for everyone. I love the variety of Free and slaves that attend and participate. There are all levels of writers and dancers. The Dash is a great exercise not only for creating dances but has also helped me in other writing and even in role play!

The words Juls chooses vary greatly, both in familiarity and in parts of speech. I find it fascinating to see what it has sparked in everyone’s imagination. Sometimes the feelings and emotions it has touched in the participants is similar and sometimes vastly different – and often surprising! Personally, no matter whether I love or am less than enthused with what I come up with, it is rare I do not find an idea, a word or a turn of phrase that I will later incorporate into a dance. I have also found that just writing and shoving that internal editor away for awhile has transformed the way I approach creating a dance and has also been very effective in helping my impromptu dance. I highly recommend everyone gives it a try; free your mind, fifteen minutes at a time!

Since I also guest-Dash at Vigo School of Dance, and hold Dash at Gorean Campus as well as hold the Engaging Dance course there, Dash was mentioned along with those schools as well. Wow!

What Tissia wrote really makes me feel good about Dash. With this time off, half of me feels like just scrapping everything I’ve been doing and not be in SL much at all. Then Tissia mentioned the article had been published and tossed me a copy of The Gorean Times last night. Curious as always, I flipped through and read the whole article – and just felt great when reading her comments. Dash will resume next week, too.

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Endings and Changes

I took a small break from SecondLife.

It happens… sometimes we just need to get away from SecondLife just like we just need to get away from work or the total familiarity of home  life or school. I was already fighting dance burnout, but then my Daddy died, and I just didn’t want to be inworld that much. I didn’t feel like explaining things to people, or trying to pretend nothing was wrong so no one would ask questions.

I am supposed to begin my Engaging Dance class again today, but really am not there yet. And after that, Dancer Dash should begin again – which I am a little closer to being able to do. I’m considering some changes in the schedule, but need to get with a couple people before it happens.

Just before I took my leave of absence, an event I had been looking forward to was cancelled: Hayden Cerise has decided to end the Design-n-Dance Festival, which has been The Dance Event for four years running. As she says on the event website:

I want to thank everyone who participated and who helped in the past four years of the DnD Festival.
Hopefully, we’ve created some good memories for all involved.

And I appreciate and am humbled by the huge level of interest shown in participating in DnD’s 5th year.  However, due to some RL issues, and a few SL ones, I’ve decided the time has come to quietly end the Design-n-Dance Festival.   It was a good run. 
A dream realized for some… for me, especially.

But the time has come…  So thank you to…
All our dancers, our designers, our staff, our sponsors, DJ’s, and our judges over the past four years.

It was a good run.  I’ve no regrets. None. 🙂
Much Love,

              ~ Hayden

I admit I cried a bit when I first read the announcement. I had hoped perhaps some people would get together and keep it going, but maybe Hayden didn’t want that to happen, which I can understand. It was her baby and it wouldn’t be the same fostered out to others, no matter how good the intentions. I have to say I was completely in awe of everything last year, and I am still so honored to have been asked to participate. That time will always be one of the high points of my SL life – and if I’m going to be completely honest, of my real life, too. It meant a lot to me to be a part of Design-n-Dance, and to have worked with so many amazing people, and it always will.


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I’m Still Standing

Yep, it’s been awhile since I posted. Not that I didn’t mean to – I even have a few drafts I never got around to finishing. It’s just… yeah.

So anyway, this morning I logged in to go look at a few things on sale (that have nothing to do with Gor or dancing or Berlin, but things I just wanted to purchase for no-RP-times), and I wound up over at this great monthly event called Collabor88. I found, and purchased, some sweet shoes by Betty Doyle from her shop Ingenue, and was trying on a hair by D!va when I received an IM out of the blue:

[2015/01/24 06:23]  RadTaz Resident: can you tell me what face you like more on my avatar?

I look around, but don’t see anyone with that name, just three or four girls with very feminine names. I ask the girl in IM (because I assume it’s a girl) where she is because I don’t see her, and suddenly BAMMO! There’s some guy standing behind me.

With no pants on.

In reals, I start laughing a bit, shaking my head. In IM:

[2015/01/24 06:24]  Juls: You know – you need some pants?

And then my trying to be nice to people was thrown right back in my face. Here’s the rest of the conversation:

[2015/01/24 06:24]  RadTaz Resident: shut up bitch dont worry about that
[2015/01/24 06:24]  Juls: LOL!
[2015/01/24 06:24]  RadTaz Resident: worry about the skin
[2015/01/24 06:24]  Juls: Have fun
[2015/01/24 06:24]  RadTaz Resident: whateva i’ll ask someone else
[2015/01/24 06:24]  RadTaz Resident: LOL
[2015/01/24 06:24]  RadTaz Resident: !
[2015/01/24 06:24]  RadTaz Resident: pisso ff
[2015/01/24 06:24]  RadTaz Resident: piss odd
[2015/01/24 06:25]  Juls: Go put on your winkie before you try it again
[2015/01/24 06:25]  RadTaz Resident: pisso ff you fat ugly bitch i seen your real life photo
[2015/01/24 06:25]  RadTaz Resident: HOLY SHIT
[2015/01/24 06:25]  RadTaz Resident: i feel bad for you
[2015/01/24 06:26]  Juls: Paul didn’t think so
[2015/01/24 06:26]  RadTaz Resident: im sure he cheats on your pillsbury dough boy looking ass all the time plus he aint nothing special either LOL
[2015/01/24 06:26]  RadTaz Resident: he looks like hes homeless
[2015/01/24 06:27]  RadTaz Resident: your fat face takes up almost the whole pic LOL
[2015/01/24 06:27]  Juls: You have no clue who he is! That’s rich. Have fun, little boy-with-no-clue.
[2015/01/24 06:27]  RadTaz Resident: ahahahahahah


Now, as for my “real life photo”, yes, I do have on in the First Life part of my profile. It’s one of me last year, meeting an actor I really like – Paul McGann. Because of the way the profile thing is in SL, the photo gets stretched a little wider than it really is, but this is the actual file I have in that slot:

2014 09 20 PMG

As you can see, I am very obviously fat and ugly, and that photo clearly shows what a bitch I am. Not to mention how well you can see my Pillsbury dough boy looking ass. Hell, my ass takes up quite a bit of the photo!

Oh, wait – that’s my fat face taking up most of the photo, nearly blocking out the guy who has fangurls all over the globe but looks homeless. I do have to admit he’s NEVER in bed with me, however, so maybe that means he’s cheating on me? (Okay, in an extremely obsessed person’s mind, perhaps.)

The point of all this? Sometimes you get to deal with a real dick. And sometimes those dicks are standing behind you half-naked in a public place, and have forgotten to attach their prim schlong. Laugh at the situation. In all honestly, something like this happened to me in real life (NOT the naked part, but the nasty words) about ten years ago. It hurt like hell, even though it was because the guy was pissed that I was trying to find a male musician friend of mine outside the Roxy instead of drooling over his drunk ass. I knew it meant nothing, but it still hurt.

This morning, however, I was blessed to the bones with laughter instead of tears. Just remember things like this if some jerk starts being shitty to you inworld – and look to see if he remembered to bring his balls with him.




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Be Warned!

Pudding finally wheedled me into getting a Flickr account for this site, which will probably be shared with my Berlin site if I ever start working on that one again! And after chatting with Hayden last night about photo stuff, I started up my PaintShop Pro and began fooling around with it again, something I haven’t done in a few years. I wonder what all I can moosh around with if I use both PSP and Photoshop, plus maybe Lightroom if I ever get it? Oooohhhhh…….

As always, click on them to see at somewhat full size:

2014 10 04 dancing in Berlin_010_mod1

Dee and I are dancing the night away at Friedrichstr. 3b in Berlin, 1929. We are obviously being fueled by Fat Baker schnapps…



Hang on, hang on... I need another drink, and to steady myself on this nice, firm column of air...

Hang on, hang on… I need another drink, and to steady myself on this nice, firm column of air…


Julie - cigarette and alcohol at 4am.

Julie – cigarette and alcohol at 4am.


This is what happens when I leave a boat out on the sim... my chain sister goes for a joyride and goes all "ooh, shiny!" for something in the water. Probably her reflection, like Narcissus!

This is what happens when I leave a boat out on the sim… my chain sister goes for a joyride and goes all “ooh, shiny!” for something in the water. Probably her reflection, like Narcissus!


October 19, dancing with the Fires of Gor at the "Boobathon" to raise awareness for breast cancer.

October 19, dancing with the Fires of Gor at the “Boobathon” to raise awareness for breast cancer.









2014 Design and Dance Festival

We made it through. All of us, we made it through. And I have to admit this – never have I felt physically ill before an event inworld. Actually, I don’t remember feeling physically ill before events in real life, either. This time, however, all I wanted to do was go into my bedroom and lie down. Seriously, the thought lingered in my mind: “Just have someone call you or something before your turn. Then you can maybe get to feeling better.”

I’m glad I didn’t resort to that.

Why? Because DnD is a simply amazing experience.

I have to admit, when Maddy (Madyx Resident) first contacted me months ago, telling me I had been nominated for DnD, and would I please send in two emotes from one of my favorite dances? I was in such a self-doubting mire that I really thought this must have been a mistake. I hadn’t been dancing that much, certainly not every weekend or every other weekend like many dancers do. (Talk about exhausting!) And who would have suggested me? I’m grateful there was a contract each of us had to sign, or my fears and nerves might have made me pull out of the competition and run far, far away.

The day came. Part of me “knew” there was no way I’d win, and I’d probably do good not to get dead last. Another part of me felt I had a pretty durn good dance. And hey – my silks were definitely gorgeous! I would be lying if I claimed it was “enough” for me to have been invited to dance. Yes, while it is a very great honor to be chosen to dance at DnD, I wanted to win, damnit! At first I just wanted to place, but really – after you have worked (I almost said “slaved”, but please…) for so many months on this, thrown out a few dances before finding the one you really liked, which for me was going back to the first idea I had, and just really put so much into it – of course you want to take first place. Just a fact of life. And while I will always be grateful I was chosen to participate, I knew down deep there was a hungry little dancer who wanted to win.

The lineup:

1. Eden (Karesinda Warwillow)

2. Sapphire (Tiviyah Resident)

3. Angeni (Ladysunfire Erin)

4. Kellan (Kelika Dubrovna)

5. Hoshi (Hoshi Tamura)

6. Juls (Julienn Sands)

7. Shani (Littleredhead Resident)

A lot of different styles and places and training represented. Of everyone, the one I’d seen only once was Shani, and that had been only a week or two before. Believe me, she is good, too.

All the dances were top-notch. The sim was exquisite in its build. The level of excitement was extremely high. Babypea choreographed the Alumni Dance at the beginning of the event – a bevy of beauties on two tiers! Something I’d love to be involved in next year.

Sitting there, waiting to go dance, can be one of the most excruciating spans of time. It seemed amplified during DnD. It wasn’t helped on my part when, at some point during Kellan’s dance, lag suddenly realized I was there, and made a grab for me. I’d been camming around, taking photos during the event, but that pretty well halted that. It did rear its ugly head again, and this was during my dance, of all things. I think the neighborhood was a bit startled by the stream of loud cuss words flowing from my window!

Followed about half an hour later by happy shrieking, laughter, and sniffling of tears as the places were announced:

Third Place: Shani

Second Place: Kellan

First place: Juls

I did it. I won. I won! And to be honest, the best thing I won that afternoon? I won back my self-confidence. Granted, it can still be really shaky at times, but this made so much difference.

Now, for some of the photos, and as always – click on them to enlarge:

2014 09 13 DnD entry walk 1

The entry walk, side one: Juls, Sapphire, Kellan.

The other side of the entry walk: Angeni, Hoshi, Eden, and Shani.

The other side of the entry walk: Angeni, Hoshi, Eden, and Shani.

The dance area. Yes, I wanted to wait until my photo was showing!

The dance area. Yes, I wanted to wait until my photo was showing!



2014 09 13 DnD previous dancers 2

2014 09 13 DnD previous dancers 4

On the cushions: Angeni, Hoshi, Juls, Eden, Sapphire, Shani, Kellan (who is caching her animations before her dance).

On the cushions: Angeni, Hoshi, Juls, Eden, Sapphire, Shani, Kellan (who is caching her animations before her dance).

The long wall of this year's dancers: Shani, Eden, Juls, Kellan, Angeni, Sapphire, Hoshi.

The long wall of this year’s dancers: Shani, Eden, Juls, Kellan, Angeni, Sapphire, Hoshi.

Looking out of the entrance to the event venue, after the competition had ended.

Looking out of the entrance to the event venue, after the competition had ended.

The winners of the Design & Dance Festival: Ebony Breda - 2011, Milla Puddlegum - 2012,  Maia (Fionna Carter) - 2013, and Juls (Julienn Sands) - 2014.

The winners of the Design & Dance Festival: Ebony Breda – 2011, Milla Puddlegum – 2012, Maia (Fionna Carter) – 2013, and Juls (Julienn Sands) – 2014.

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Coming Saturday…


I am one of the lucky people chosen to participate in this year’s Design N Dance competition in SecondLife. I am still trying to get the timing fixed on my choreography, and it’s giving me fits! Honestly, I am very, very nervous about this one. To be chosen for the DnD is a huge deal – a major honor. It’s sort of like a live Tony Awards competition for Gorean dance – plus you have to take into consideration that you, as the dancer, are also modeling a designer’s silks created especially for this occasion, especially for you.


That was the beginning of a post from a couple days ago. The competition was this evening.

That post is next…


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That Thing Called Dancer Dash

Over a year ago, I began attending different writing exercise things. They were all helpful, though of course some moreso than others. One of them had writers use a prompt (a regular occurence for writing exercises), and gave the writers a set amount of time – usually 15 minutes – in which to scribble madly about whatever the prompt… well, prompted them to write about. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) has been running Word Wars and things like that through Twitter for a few years, and that has seemed to help a lot of people over the hump of writers block, or just kept them from being distracted for awhile. I know I have used this nifty tool, Write or Die, with good results, too. nothing like being forced to hear a baby screaming or a most annoying buzzing siren to prod you into producing more words!

There is a great quote from the television show, Castle, about writers, and it is so very true:

Beckett: “You said you had a chapter due.”
Castle: “Yes, which is writer-speak for all procrastination welcome.”

Now, imagine trying to write a story in the midst of all the procrastination prospects offered in SecondLife. Trying to carve out some time where you actually won’t answer the IMs, you won’t look at the announcements, you won’t decide you simply cannot go on until you have found the perfect hair or silk or skin or *add your own* which of course means shopping trips around the grid. It might not sound that difficult, but for some of us, it is harder than writing a term paper while the new episode of Game of Thrones is on – and you don’t have DVR!

Sometimes you just need an idea for a dance, or need help getting over some writer’s block. Maybe you would like to collect thoughts, ideas, or emotes for dances you might do in the future. All of this has happened to me more than a few times. From what I’ve been hearing, it’s been the same for a number of Gorean dancers in SecondLife.

On Monday, November 25, 2013, Dancer Dash got underway in the Village of Tarnsport. Attendees are supplied with a prompt – be it a word, a picture, a quote (either Gorean or not, about any subject), or a “set” for a dance. They are then given a countdown and BAMMO! Off on a writing excursion for the next fifteen minutes. There have even been times that we’ve added another 15, when writers are really making headway with what they are creating. Dancers have written anything from an outline, to a story that can be transformed into a dance, a few emotes to a full-on dance, and even scattered bits of emotes that might not fit together, but might fit somewhere else at a different time.

Dash has been lucky – people who have tried it? Most of them have really liked it. As a result, it is brought over to the Vigo School of Dance once for each class. There will be Dashes held at the Dance Gardens of Gor, at the Halls of Gorean Dance, Central Fire, and Gorean Campus. I am hoping to be able to hold a Dash day at a few different sims, including the one where it was allowed to begin and to flourish. Right now, there are two places I will be able to launch the culture domes into the air and hold Dance Culture Dash. (Okay, that probably needs to be renamed…)

I love Dash, which might be a bit obvious. I’m happy others have been finding it useful, too. Nym (Nymphie Silvershade) has suggested there be an exhibition sometime, so dancers can show off dances that have been written from something that inspired them in Dash. How cool would that be?

Have fun, you guys!       


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I just got a notification from WordPress that I created my account here four years ago today – happy anniversary!

It’s September 3, which is another anniversary for me: eight years ago, on September 3, 2006, I first logged in to SecondLife as my original avatar. She is still active and all, though I don’t bring her into any RP situations. She’s more of an extra-groups av, and sort of a storage av.



Picard in a Blender mon 090406

My second day inworld, this photo taken by one of the people I’d met. It’s “Picard in a Blender”, taken on Monday, September 3, 2006, at Thea’s Wrong Way Cafe in the sim Geometer. This was the place that hosted the Wrong Way Poets and other assorted creative silliness.


Pink hair NIN Torrid Podul, Mon 09_18_06

The oldest photo I can find of myself! Taken on Monday, September 18, 2006 – probably the same time I figured out how to take pictures in SecondLife. You can see how the sky used to look at sunset, and I’m only 300m in the air in my skybox, but can’t see anything on the ground. And that pink hair… and the collar that I obviously don’t know how to move yet, looking like it’s going to choke me at any moment. Oh, and I STILL love that silly couch, and made an updated version in sculpties a few years ago. maybe I’ll make a mesh one, too.


Blonde nadu Prince Charming

Tuesday, September 19, 2006. Still being choked by that collar, but have found out how to hide that silly bell. I’ve also discovered how to animate myself with the collar. Please note the painful-looking way my wrists are unnaturally turned – thankfully poses for collars have been revised. Again, I am in my skybox (see the poseball for the sofa???) and the sky is probably just after dawn. I’m dressed up, ready to go to a Halloween party, dressed as close as I could find to Adam Ant’s Prince Charming.


Sleeping blue and copper Th 09_21_06 MOD

Thursday, September 21, 2006. I believe the gown is from this huge store back then called Dazzle – you could buy nearly everything there in terms of wardrobe. The bed is one of the freebie n00b beds, but I thought it was way neat then. Again, in my skybox in Podul sim, and before I knew how to change the “sun” inworld, so this photo needed to be lightened up.


nadu green hearth MOD

This one doesn’t have a date, but it can’t be any later than late September of 2006. Silks are from Dazzle. I was so scrawny and Amazonian back then! I’m in my first RP master’s house here – a castle, of course. The guy really didn’t know Gor at all. Hmmm, maybe this would be a good subject for another entry?


Merlot Fri 092206

Friday, September 22, 2006. My friend Syldath and I are enjoying some merlot on the glass section of my skybox roof. You can see the moon setting in the background. The moon, sun, and stars were some of the coolest things ever when we first went inworld. Seriously, I would spend time just watching a sun or moon rise or set. No matter that is you looked closely, especially near dusk or dawn, you could see the seam in the sky where the animations met to make a dome.

It was cool!


Sydney 01_28_07 Sunday Lydius

I know there are photos of me as a slave in Lydius, but I think they might be on another avatar – one I created to get away from the no-Gor-knowing wanna-be master. Which, of course, would be another tale. This is my first av, though, when I had a go at being a Free Woman, on the docks of Lydius. Sunday, January 28, 2007.


Laura Tavern Flooded 03_07_07

March 7, 2007 – the sim of Laura has been hit by a disastrous flood. This is the tavern, or what remained of the inside of the place. I know – from behind my Free Woman garb makes me look a lot like the Flying Nun. That guy in the tavern? I know him. He is the one who brought me to see all the flooded mess!


In looking through my old landmarks (trying to remember the shop name for Dazzle), I found one for the ever-famous Elbow Room. I was taken there by some of the Wrong Way poets on the 15th. Or maybe it was by Clio from the Perilous Pleasure Seekers group? I don’t remember anymore, but have to laugh at the coincidence.

Anyway, I hope you had a laugh or two yourselves while looking at these ancient photos. It was rather fun for me to log into my first avatar and find all these bits of buried treasure.

Have a beautiful day!

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Unsure Thoughts

I hate this. I really do. But I have not-so-much self confidence.

I never have, in all honesty. I know logically that there will always be someone smarter, prettier, younger, more experienced, more talented, wittier, etc. than I am. that’s just a fact of life for everyone – even those who don’t think it’s possible for them, personally. (Yeah, there really are people out there with those super-egos!) Because of this, it is so damned easy for me to psych myself out about things. Hell, no one else really needs to try and make me doubt myself, because I’m already way ahead of them.

So what do I do? I toss my fragile id out there into the sands of Gorean dance in SecondLife. D’oh! Now, not to sound like I am blowing my own horn or anything – I know I am pretty good. Sometimes I turn out a total stinker, but sometimes I wind up with compliments. I know that when people are asked who they consider the best dancers in Gor are, my name will probably never be in the top ten. I am not a usual suspect on the invitation lists. Still, I like dancing – even as frustrating and anxiety-inducing and insane as it can be sometimes. Okay, as it usually is!

I will keep on dancing, most likely. There have been a few times in the past couple years that really pushed me over my limit, but friends grabbed ahold of my belt or ankles or (ouch) hair, and yanked me back. I think everyone goes through this, and if they haven’t yet, they probably will.  I know I just have to remember that others have been here, too, and damnit – when it REALLY starts affecting me that much, just walk away. Go do the dishes, or read a book, or do some needlework or something. Go outside and walk around. Just go, and remember that SecondLife isn’t all of life.

Just remember that.




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